Life after 50... It's never been hotter! 

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Edgy, comical and brutally honest, Our 2nd Act provides a platform and frank discussion for “coming of age” in the menopausal era.  Each episode features an explosive “happy hour girls’ chat”, an insightful Content Expert perspective, and a no-holds barred “Man Talk” discussion with candid feedback from the male point-of-view. With an eye towards humor, the program addresses the unique challenges of life after fifty.  

Dubbed the “Most Valuable Generation,” in the next five years Boomers will control seventy percent of the disposable income in the United States. A longer life span, an empty nest, a successful career and record spending power, Boomers have second act opportunities like no previous generation. To no surprise, these opportunities also come with unprecedented new challenges.

Did you know that: one out of every four couples over fifty is now getting divorced; that two-thirds of “grey divorce” splits are initiated by women; and that the largest growing demographic of online dating is adults 50-plus? Purpose, passion, marriage, divorce, dating and sex after fifty, Our 2nd Act offers candid answers to delicate questions most women (and men) are eager to know but hesitant to ask!


Dr. Laurie Blanscet, Founder of An Optimal You




our cast

In the midst of ending a 25-year marriage, creator Silke Jones developed the show’s concept based on her unforeseen, emotional and often comical experiences with starting life over at fifty. Appropriately dubbed “Hormonal Reunion”, the pilot features a circle of real high school friends reuniting 35-years later to discover that, not unlike in high school, all are navigating major life issues … now with just a few more wrinkles! A supportive setting (and a few glasses of wine) prompts open conversation about highly personal matters that surprisingly aren’t so unique! The desire to find true love, purpose, passion, and yes – hot sex – is alive and kicking after 50.  The challenge is charting a new course in the era of “menopause without a manual.”



our topics  

Our 2nd Act gives a voice to the unspoken issues Baby Boomers today are consumed with in record numbers. From saving your marriage to navigating midlife divorce; discovering the fountain of youth through hormone therapy or plastic surgery; returning to the dating scene in an on-line world with erectile dysfunction; engaging a new partner with an old body; reigniting sex and sensuality after fifty; or throwing caution to the wind in pursuit of your dreams … Our 2nd Act explores it all!  


Patty Brisben, Founder of Pure Romance



man talk

Our preoccupation with "what men are really thinking" is likely to never change! Here’s an idea, let’s ask them!  Our 2nd Act provides a “safe place” for men to provide honest input!  How has life after 50 changed on Mars? What do women need to know about “men-o-pause”? How are men dealing with the effects of menopausal madness? Now you can eaves drop on Man Talk and stop overanalyzing!



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For a more in-depth exploration of our topics, tune in to “Our 2nd Act with Tracey and Lars” on BlogTalk Radio.  Meet our cast and join in the conversation.  We want to hear from you! Share your story. Are you a ranking member of “grey divorce”?  Starting over at 50?  New to on-line dating?  Struggling with the menopausal monster?  Looking for purpose and passion in your 2nd Act? For topic suggestions, questions and ideas, contact our production team at

This week join Tracey and Lars for another lively discussion with Dorit and Steve!  “Throw out the old and bring in the new” – a fresh new look that is!  There is no excuse for looking frumpy after fifty. Make-up and fashion expert Dorit livens the show with simple and easy tips on styling a youthful look!  

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Advancing the vital male perspective, producer/director Rick Graves maintains a steady on and off camera presence in the creation and direction of the show.   An accomplished high-energy action photographer from the world of motorsports, Rick steps out of his Testosterone-laden comfort zone to conduct the turbulent Estrogen Express.  His cinematic style dynamically captures the hormone-infused trials, tribulations and spirited adventures of “Boomer Babes gone wild.”


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